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Welcome to THUNDER FAUCET, the DApp of NFT faucets.

Thunder Faucet NFT

What are NFTs?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique cryptographic object that exists on a blockchain.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. They extract value from the uniqueness of the data added to each NFT and the fact that they are not fungible. Non-fungible means that they are not mutually exchangeable and that they typically cannot be broken down into smaller pieces such as cryptocurrencies. This further solidifies its value.

What are Faucets?

A faucet is an application or a website that distributes small amounts of cryptography for doing small tasks, for promoting cryptography or simply to know how a system works on the blockchain. They are given the name "taps" because the amounts are small, like tiny droplets of water dripping from a dripping faucet.


Thunder Faucet NFT

πŸ“Έ Preview models in progress

Collectible digital assets based on the Thunder Core blockchain are simply collectible. Soon we hope to know new markets where you can sell your NFT collectibles, in the meantime you can do it in NFTMall. (πŸ’€ Inoperative market.)


  • Download the ThunderHub wallet on Google Play.
  • Visit this web3 from the browser of the downloaded wallet.
  • Visit the Faucet Free and try to mint an NFT. You go to your wallet in the NFTs section to check what has been mined.
  • I hope you enjoy this DApp related exclusively to NFTs. We will be in the process of construction.... 🧱

    βš’οΈ Faucets NFT 2024

    ❗You need a Web3 browser on the ThunderCore network to connect...

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    Coming soon ⚑ Thunder Portal 2024

    ⚑Faucets NFT 2023
    • The Christmas Faucet is an NFT that captures the Christmas magic in the Metaverse. Features a charming cyber Christmas tree, adorned with festive gifts and shiny chips. Immerse yourself in this encoded atmosphere of happiness, where the essence of Christmas comes to life in a unique and captivating digital setting.

      Thunder Faucet NFT
    • The Disco Faucet is a collectible NFT that represents an exclusive entrance to a Metaverse nightclub. This card unlocks access to special metadata where a refreshing energy drink is located.

      Thunder Faucet NFT
    • The NFT Halloween Party faucet is a collection of scary and fun artwork inspired by the spookiest night of the year. With death, pumpkins and witches as protagonists, these nfts are perfect for decorating your wallet with a touch of mystery and magic.

      Thunder Faucet NFT
    • The NyanCat St. Patrick faucet is a special design for St. Patrick's Day. Featuring a NyanCat dressed as a leprechaun and shamrocks, it's a fun and unique piece of art to add to your wallet this holiday season.

      Thunder Faucet NFT
    • The Free Dollar faucet distributes digital dollar NFTs for free. Users can claim these NFTs and use them to trade. It is an innovative way of using blockchain technology for the equitable distribution of digital assets.

      Thunder Faucet NFT
    • Computer technology expert Torsten Hoffmann explores the world of Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and the implications of these less-than-idealistic innovations. Link to the Cryptopia documentary in the NFT information.

      Thunder Faucet NFT
    • Holi 2023 faucet is a unique piece of art with design inspired by the Hindu festival of colors. Perfect for adding a vibrant and colorful touch to any wallet.

      Thunder Faucet NFT
    • The NyanCat Randomize faucet is a unique take on the iconic NyanCat. With a random glitch display effect, this faucet is a fun and unique piece of art that is sure to turn heads.

      Thunder Faucet NFT
    • The Paella Valenciana faucet has a design inspired by the famous Spanish dish. A unique piece of art that adds a culinary touch to your wallet. Ideal for lovers of food and Spanish culture.

      Thunder Faucet NFT
    • The NyanCat Valentine's faucet is a special edition of the iconic NyanCat. With a heart design and romantic colors, it's a unique piece of art to send or receive on Valentine's Day.

      Thunder Faucet NFT
    • The NyanCat Mix faucet combines several NyanCat designs into one. A fun and unique way to add a touch of fun to your wallet. Full mintage.

      Thunder Faucet NFT

    • The first completely Free Faucet from an NFT, a unique and exciting offer that allows users to obtain a collectible item for free. It is an opportunity for collectors to obtain a piece at no cost and without the need to purchase other items in the collection.

      Thunder Faucet NFT
    • Emma Safford NFT is an encryption game that features two different types of cards: "Emma Safford" and "Safford 2". It offers authenticity and unique ownership, allowing collectors to own a unique and valuable piece after beating the first game. In construction...

      Thunder Faucet NFT
    • Five Elements NFT is a set of five blockchain-backed digital artworks representing the five elements: water, fire, earth, air, and ether. They were part of an Airdrop for NFT item miners, allowing them to own a unique and valuable piece of each item. Five Elements NFTs have become popular in the world of cryptocurrency and online art auctions.

      Thunder Faucet NFT
    • The Faucet Key Club NFT is a blockchain-backed piece of digital identity that serves as a unique identifier for entry into an exclusive club. Provides access to exclusive events and restricted content for members only.

      Thunder Faucet NFT
    • The Faucet Dice NFT is a blockchain-backed piece of digital art earned by participating in the dice roll for the NFT Key Club draw. Collectors of this NFT can use it to display their sweepstakes entry and own a unique and valuable piece of digital art. Also, the Faucet Dice NFT can be traded on the NFT market for profit.

      Thunder Faucet NFT
    • ❗ Remember: Use this DApp only from the Thunder Hub Wallet Web3 Browser. The display of NFTs in other wallets is not guaranteed.

      ❓ Solution: If you cannot see any NFT you can contact the administrator and he will solve the problem.
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