ThunderFaucet Vault Thunder Faucet NFT

Welcome to ThunderFaucet Vault, your decentralized savings solution on the blockchain! 馃殌 Manage your Thunder Token (TT) securely and efficiently.

Experience the power of decentralized finance with ThunderFaucet Vault! 鈿★笍

馃憶 Wallet address:

馃挵 Wallet balance: TT

馃彟 Balance in the vault: TT

馃懃 Number of holders in the vault: Holders


  • Wallet Details: Easily view your wallet address and current balance.
  • Deposit: Safely deposit TT into the vault with a simple click.
  • Withdraw: Seamlessly withdraw your deposits at any time.
  • Vault Statistics: Stay informed about the total vault balance and the number of hodlers.

How to Use:

  1. Connect your wallet to ThunderFaucet Vault.
  2. Deposit TT into the vault effortlessly.
  3. Monitor your wallet and vault balances.
  4. Withdraw your deposits whenever you need.

馃搩 Contract Vault in ThunderCore: 0x90...7d54